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Refund Policy

ThriveFNC is delighted to partner with you and help you reach your health goals, however in an unfortunate event of your disassociation with ThriveFNC, ThriveFNC agrees to refund the subscription amount to you as per the following guidelines:


– Where you are seeking a refund within 7 days of subscribing to Thrive’s protocol. In such an event Thrive shall refund 90% of the subscription amount paid by you. Your seven days are counted from the day you make the payment. Thrive gets you started on your program immediately, any delays from your end in updating the tracker, following video lessons etc will not grant you an extension of your Day 1. 


 – In case you seek refund beyond 7 days i.e. 8th Day of subscribing to ThriveFNC’s protocol, the entire subscription amount paid by you shall stand forfeited and ThriveFNC shall not be liable to refund subscription amount to you.


– Where ThriveFNC voluntarily requests you to opt out the program as a result of your non-adherence of instructions / guidelines / regime suggested by ThriveFNC or violation of terms of engagement listed earlier, we shall refund you the subscription amount to you as per the above guidelines.


The refund policy above is applicable to ThriveFNC’s primary 3 month coaching program when paid in full. Refund policies to other programs such as ‘health retreats’ and/or other products and services Thrive offers in the present and in the future may vary case by case. Such refund policies would be communicated to you (the customer) at the appropriate time and stage of the subscription/purchase process.


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