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Quinoa Tomato Bhat

Posted by 
Ria Jain
August 21, 2020


-1/2 cup quinoa

-1 cup tomato puree

-1/2 cup onions

-2 to 3 glarlic cloves

-1/4 tsp turmeric powder

-2 tsp sambhar powder

-1 tsp mustard seeds

-Handful of curry leaves

-Green chillies slite according to spice wanted

-Salt as needed


Step 1

Cook quinoa and keep aside. Heat a container, add mustard seeds, when it splutters, add curry leaves, onion, garlic. Add little salt and saute until onion turn translucent.

Step 2

Blend 3 ripe tomatoes and keep aside. Add the blended tomato puree and all seasoning powders. Cook until the rawness of the tomato goes and it beocmes a thick gravy.

Step 3

Once the tomato puree is cooked and is tihck, add in the cooked quinoa and mix it well. Serve warm.

Health Benefits:

Quinoa is an excellent protein rich grain which is also a rich source of fiber. Tomato is an intersting tasty addition to the meal with its antioxidant capacity. This recipe is very easily prepared and a good oil free option for lunch/dinner.

Recipe Created By Team Thrive

One of Thrive’s biggest focus to teach anyone how to harness the healing power of food. In order to this, we have been creating innovative and delicious recipes that are filling, tasty and full of healing benefits. This one is just one of those recipes. 


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