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Find out where you are on the Health Spectrum

Answer the following questions to understand where you stand on the health spectrum
  1. Do you feel tired most of the time?
  2. Do you weigh more than 2kg over your ideal weight, and increasing steadily for no apparent reason?
  3. Are you prone to mood swings or PMS?
  4. Are you suffering from poor memory and concentration?
  5. Do you suffer from extreme sweet cravings?
  6. Are you quite often low or depressed?
  7. Are you plagued by dry skin, or in need of daily moisturizers?
  8. Do you have difficulty sleeping?
  9. Do you often feel anxious or stressed?
  10. Are you prone to indigestion or bloating after food?
  11. Are you Often constipated?
  12. Are you worried about your dry, dull or oily hair?
  13. Are you suffering from migraines?
  14. Do you often have acidity attacks?
  15. Are you dependent on coffee or tea to get through the day?
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