Tina dropped a size and lost 5 kgs in 45 days

I joined the 45-day program expecting to achieve significant weight loss and sound, long term health. And I was completely amazed!

Key symptoms:

  • Inability to lose weight
  • Weak and sensitive stomach
  • Bloating
  • Dependency on tea

Initial Analysis

Tina too had attempted weight loss many times in the past from keto diets to only salad diets and as her result her insulin resistance had built up too. Not only was she pre-diabetic, her cholesterol and LDL levels were alarmingly high. Her blood analysis also showed she had intestinal parasites that were causing her gut problems. She also had high levels of homocysteine which indicated a deficiency of Vitamins B6, B12 and folate along with lymphatic congestion.

Customized Protocol to improve Lipid metabolism, eradicate gut infection and reverse insulin resistance

The first step for Tina was to get her off foods that were triggering inflammation in her body. We did this with a gentle 3 day detox, after which we addressed her insulin resistance and impaired lipid metabolism with a low fat protocol. While doing this we treated her gut infections  and started working on her adrenal dysfunction which in turn reduced her dependency on tea.

The Healing Process

Tina began losing weight from day one. However detoxing from tea did make the first week a bit challenging, once we got over that hurdle, her journey was smooth. She adapted recipes of her favorite foods to fit into protocol guidelines and stuck to it like a champ. As her gut infections came down, her stomach issues cleared up too. We added supplemental zinc to her protocol which helped her adrenals recover from their dysfunctional state and free her of her tea dependency.

Final Result

Tina dropped a dress size and lost 5 kgs in 45 days. Her skin became healthier and was glowing thanks to cutting out all the inflammatory food she was eating in the past. Her stomach issues had disappeared and she felt more energetic and vibrant than ever. 

The Road Ahead

Tina completed Thrive’s program in November 2017 and not only has she kept off the weight, she has lost a few more kgs since then. She’s had vacations, work related travel and special events like birthday and family socials since then. Like a disciplined warrior, she’s adhered to Thrive protocols and has sustained her health and vitality since then.

Her Opinion About Thrive

Thrive team is superb. It is through their analysis I learnt my gut issues were due to intestinal parasites and allergies. They also diagnosed my adrenal hypofunction. The coaches are available round the clock to assist you in anything you need. They are strict when required and go the extra mile to identify patterns of behavior and eating habits that might be adversely affecting your health. Through this program I realized that my health is in my hands alone. One must eat right to stay healthy and it is extremely manageable if you have the right support system around you. Being part of Thrive’s community has helped me learn more about food.

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