Tejaswini gave up ‘healthy’ food and lost 6 kgs

” The last 3 months were not just about following a diet plan; it was a lifestyle change. I used to consider wheat, jaggery, ghee and milk very healthy and used to consume a lot of them. At Thrive, I learnt how harmful they are for our body.  Thrive trains our mind in making healthy choices. Not only did I lose 6 kgs, I feel more happy nowadays.

Key symptoms:

  • Excess weight
  • Dull skin and hair
  • Aging
  • Inability to lose weight despite heavy workouts
  • Low confidence

Initial Analysis

Our initial analysis showed that Tejaswini had moderate insulin resistance, liver dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction, lead poisoning, B-12 deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency, lymphatic congestion, thyroid dysfunction and chronic viral infection, zinc deficiency and lipid dysfunction

Customized Protocol for insulin resistance and liver and adrenal healing.

Tejaswini was eating a lot of foods that she thought were healthy but were harming her body. Our first step was to get her off those inflammatory foods after which we focused on reversing her insulin resistance. Her nutrient deficiencies were addressed with good quality supplements. We found out that her lead toxicity was due to unfiltered tap water and she installed a Reverse Osmosis water filter. By month three we put her on a protocol that was geared towards healing her liver and adrenal dysfunction.

The Healing Process

Tejaswini’s biggest challenge was quitting tea and coffee, by end of week two however with Thrive’s detox guidelines she had completely given up both stimulants. She had a really active social life and that was her second challenge, to be able to choose healing foods even when she went out with friends at parties and with a little bit of guidance, she overcame that challenge too. At the end of 3 months, her insulin resistance had dramatically improved, her lipid profile looked absolutely stellar and her liver dysfunction was reversing too. Her Vitamin D status was better and so was her lymphatic congestion.

Final Results

Tejaswini lost a total of 6 kgs, but more importantly she was looking and feeling younger. At a recent family event all her cousins complimented her on how healthy and vibrant she was looking. Like so many others on Thrive’s protocols, all her cravings for baked goodies and processed food had fully disappeared. She had learnt to make healthier food choices at restaurants, all the while shedding weight.

The Road Ahead

Tejaswini’s work isn’t done yet, 6 kgs is just a milestone and she continues to progress on the journey towards optimal health. But having made this permanent lifestyle change she knows that this is going to be a struggle free and effortless journey.

Her opinion about Thrive?

Initially, I used to stick to the protocol because I was scared of Mugdha’s strictness, but eventually this way of eating just became a part of my lifestyle and I automatically started avoiding food that would harm my body. Thrive made this journey effortless. I had never imagined I could live without tea or coffee, but Thrive taught me how to do it and I can happily manage without it. The best part though, is that Thrive taught me how to eat healthy at restaurants without compromising on my social life.

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