Tejas dropped 11 kgs in 3 months

“I signed  up with Thrive for weight loss and diet correction . Honestly,  I expected a diet that would result in a weight loss. However, the program  has given me much more in terms of change of mindset, full-stop to cravings, and learning about the magic of food. I feel leaner and stronger from within

Key symptoms:

  • Binge eating
  • Cravings
  • Bloating
  • Lethargy and exhaustion in the evenings
  • Overweight

Initial Analysis

Our initial analysis showed that Tejas had a B-12 deficiency, chronic intestinal parasites, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, fatty liver, lymphatic congestion and chronic viral infections. He also showed sensitivity to gluten, dairy and food additives and preservatives.  In addition, he had high uric acid levels, a classic marker of Gout

Customized Protocol for Insulin resistance, Adrenal dysfunction and Lymphatic congestion

We first addressed his insulin resistance with food and put him on supplements to address his deficiencies. Once he was off inflammatory foods and his body started responding to healing foods, we customized his protocol specifically for his chronic health conditions and in 3 months, it worked its magic

The Healing Process

Within the first two days of starting the protocol, Tejas reported his bloating had reduced. In a week, had absolutely no bloating. In two weeks, his evening exhaustion had disappeared and he was feeling fresh and energetic. By now, his cravings also had diminished. In 30 days, he had stopped snoring. By month 2 we fixed some of the factors affecting his sleep cycles and he started sleeping as per his cortisol cycles. He also reported feeling more flexible (for eg being able to touch his own toes). By end of 90 days, he looked 10 years younger and felt leaner and stronger.

Final Result

At the end of 3 months when we assessed his blood reports a second time, there were dramatic improvements in his internal health. His B-12 deficiency was fixed, so was his Vit D deficiency. His cholesterol had dropped by 73 points bringing it into optimal ranges. His body was becoming more insulin sensitive and his insulin resistance and pre-diabetic markers were almost reversed. His liver enzymes were within optimal parameters too. He was cured of gout and his lymphatic congestion had improved as well. All of this was happening internally, while he was quietly losing weight effortlessly.

The Road Ahead

Tejas is so happy with his results that he says this isn’t just a diet for him, its a permanent lifestyle choice. He is secure and confident in the knowledge that if he continues implementing everything he’s learnt from Thrive in the 3 months program, his health will continue to improve. In his own words “My biggest take away is that I am much more aware and educated about food and its effects . The best part is that I am successfully able to sustain this lifestyle after the program”

His opinion about Thrive?

Mugdha has matchless knowledge about food and nutrition and the magic to cure with food. When something is wrong with your body you think of checking with Mugdha first and not a doctor. What can be a better acknowledgement than this? Add to that her discipline and sincerity. She clears all misconceptions about food that you hear from the society and that comes from her research and knowledge. Weight loss is just a part of this program.

Give yourself and your dear ones the gift of perfect health now