Shyam’s improved health led to a 14 kg weight loss!

I signed up for general health improvement and weight loss and I expected to lose about 5-6 kg, but I ended up losing a total of 14 kgs in 3 months!

Key symptoms:

  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol Levels
  • Liver Dysfunction
  • Gout
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Multiple failed attempts at weight loss

Initial Analysis

Shyam had a history of elevated liver enzymes and fatty liver. He had also tried keto diet to lose weight which had impacted his liver further. This had also caused insulin resistance and led to pre-diabetes. He also had hypothyroidism and elevated cholesterol levels. When I had the analysis call with him, I helped him understand that the primary cause of his excess weight was his dysfunctional liver and insulin resistance. This was also leading to high cholesterol and thyroid issues.

Customized protocol to help the liver heal and reverse insulin resistance

The first step was to eliminate all foods from his diet that were causing harm to his liver and raising his insulin levels. This took a couple of weeks. During the elimination phase, we also added a lot of whole plant based foods that were nutrient dense so he wouldn’t feel hungry or tired. After the second week we customized his protocol further to help his liver heal. Over 3 months, we kept adding in food and nutrients that were liver restorative and provided healing to the rest of his body. 

The Healing Process

Within the first week, he reported feeling fresher and more sorted out in the mornings. The occasional bloating that he used have had stopped after the first week too. He began losing weight quite rapidly. It was as if his fat was melting off as his liver began to heal and his body become more insulin sensitive. With the support of his extremely creative  wife, he learnt how to bring in a lot of variety with the food options from his protocol. He even traveled on a short vacation towards the end of his protocol. Thanks to Thrive’s travel guidelines he came back from the vacation without gaining any weight

Final Result

By the end of 3 months Shyam had lost 14 kgs, his liver enzymes were almost within optimal ranges so was his cholesterol level.  His pre-diabetes had disappeared and his serum insulin levels were also getting close to optimal ranges. All his markers for inflammation showed dramatic reduction and nutrient deficiencies were getting corrected too. 

The Road Ahead

Shyam’s focus is to continue to improve his internal markers and his health. Soon after he completed Thrive’s 3 month program, he started going to the gym for regular workouts. He has higher energy levels, doesn’t feel fatigued and is thoroughly enjoying his new found health.

His opinion about Thrive

My health test results seems to have turned around almost completely. I feel a lot more energetic and my stomach seems a lot more settled than before! I have learnt the importance of food and its healing powers. Thrive’s knowledge on food, it working and its powers of healing is immense. When it comes to asking questions with respect to food the only person I would trust is you!

Give yourself and your dear ones the gift of perfect health now