Sachin dropped 6 kgs in 2 months

“For the past few years I was experiencing a number of symptoms that practically brought down my health and daily efficiency to alarming levels. I had consulted all streams of medicine but none could zero down to the root causes.

With Thrive’s protocols, I  have lost 6 kgs far and I am at much much better energy levels throughout the day. Most of my symptoms have virtually disappeared”

Key symptoms:

  • Frequent stomach & intestinal pain
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • General sense of lack of full energy and vitality

Initial Analysis

Sachin had signed up with us for his IBS issues but his analysis showed anemia, heavy metal toxicity, B-6 deficiency, acute viral and bacterial infections, high levels of LDL , Gout, Vitamin D deficiency, liver dysfunction and hashimotos thyroiditis.

Customized Protocol to reverse multiple dysfunctions

We started Sachin on a detox protocol to to help his body rid inflammatory compounds from his past diet which included going off gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods. After this we did an elimination diet  for him followed by a gut healing protocol. Since he was deficient in quite a few nutrients we added supplements into his protocol to help him recover.

The Healing Process

Sachin’s bloating and gut issues were resolved within the first 15 days, as he continued with the protocol he steadily lost weight. To ensure he could adhere to the program he enlisted his sister’s help and she would help with prepping and cooking protocol compliant food. As he continued with the protocol, his muscle stiffness and fatigue also began to diminish. We did have a few hiccups when he needed to travel for work and ate food that was off protocol, but once he realized the impact these foods were having on his health, he started planning his travel better and started carrying safe food with him.  One of his bigger challenges was persevering with the no gluten, dairy and sugar diet despite resistance from family and close friends, but he overcame that too after explaining the need to make those changes.

Final Result

Sachin lost a total of 6 kgs on the program, but more importantly his stomach pain and other gut issues had completely resolved. His low hemoglobin levels were fixed within a month and he began to have much better energy levels throughout the day.

The Road Ahead

Sachin says, developing a warrior mindset was his biggest takeway from this program. Before he started he was skeptical if this would work or not but he was pleasantly surprised and genuinely glad that he did this. He says it feels like magic when you see your body and mind thrive. For him, the learning did not end with the program ended and have continued to benefit him even now.

His opinion about Thrive

I believe the best coaches are those who have been through similar or worse situations and have emerged victorious. Their learnings are real and it is these experiential learnings that can lead to unimaginable results for those coaching under them. The team at Thrive is best at what they do, their experience was crucial to achieve the results I wanted and they ensured this through seamless interactions via an online tracker, messaging app and the very detailed nutrition plan due to which I was able to see the changes that I could only wish for.

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