Nitin lost 10 kgs and saw remarkable health improvements

“The 10 Kg weight loss was just one of the benefits. My high Cholesterol, uric acid and triglycerides were major points of concern for me. Thrive’s protocol brought all these levels well within normal range”

Key symptoms:

  • Excess weight
  • Imbalanced Lipid Profile
  • Gout
  • Dependency on Tea

Initial Analysis

Nitin had been trying lose weight for quite a while and his latest attempt with intensive gym workouts had led to a knee pain. This prevented him from further exercise and he continued to gain weight. He was referred to Thrive by Tina and we explained how getting to the root cause would help him on his weight loss journey.

Nitin’s analysis showed that he had a few deficiencies, mild insulin resistance, liver dysfunction due to chronic liver infections, gout and metabolic acidosis. 

Customized protocol to heal the liver, bring down viral load, correct  deficiencies and reverse insulin resistance

We started Nitin with essential supplements to correct his nutritional deficiencies and brought in a plenty of antiviral foods. We took him off gluten and dairy as these were aiding the growth of pathogens in his body . In addition we added a lot of liver healing and restoring foods in his protocol. The whole food, plant based protocol we put him on addressed his insulin resistance too. We put down a plan for helping him get rid of his dependency on team

The Healing Process

Nitin’s energy levels started going up and within a month he had completely gotten over his dependency on tea. He began to lose weight at a steady pace. A self professed foodie, he enjoyed the variety of food that Thrive protocols offered and had come up with many of his own creative chutney recipes. As his liver began healing internal, the results started becoming evident externally. His skin was glowing and he had more energy for long distance cycling, an activity that he truly enjoyed. The supplements helped fix his nutritional deficiencies where food couldn’t and the anti viral herbs brought down his viral load even more. 

Final Result

By the end of 3 months Nitin had lost 10 kgs, his immune system had calmed down, his insulin resistance was almost reversed and many of his liver parameters were getting closer to optimal levels. His lipid profile showed dramatic improvements and his gout had disappeared. He felt healthier and lighter than he had ever felt before. 

The Road Ahead

Nitin completed the 3 months with Thrive in early 2018, since then he’s lost more weight- a total of 12.5 kgs by continuing to stick to the recommendations. He is a frequent traveler and has continued to lose weight despite his hectic lifestyle. What started as a simple weight loss journey for him has become a permanent, sustainable lifestyle change. 

His opinion about Thrive

I started Thrive’s protocols in January 2018 and there has been a remarkable improvement in my health. Mugdha is a very tough mentor, which is actually required if one has to see positive results. The inputs and directives given by Thrive are really very effective. The biggest takeaway for me is the belief that I really can heal myself with food only. Thanks to Thrive for this fantastic way of life!

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