Mayura dropped 9 kgs AND her coffee addiction

“Before starting with Thrive, I was looking for some magic bullet to get rid of my fat. Did I get that? My answer is yes I got it, but not as powders or meal replacements or pills ( which I’ve tried in the past), but  in the form of knowledge and information. I found a magic connection with the right food.

Key symptoms:

  • Obesity
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • General sense of lack of full energy and vitality

Initial Analysis

Our initial analysis showed that Mayura was deficient in both iron and B-12 which was making her anemic. She had mild hypothyroidism and an adrenal dysfunction. Her liver function was below optimal and her LDL cholesterol levels were above optimal. She had low stomach acid as well.

Customized Protocol for Weight Loss

We started Mayura on a protocol to increase her stomach acid levels, which in turn would help raise her iron levels. We added supplements that would help with her thyroid and adrenal function. Her cholesterol and liver both were addressed with the protocol too. In addition we put in a plan for detoxing from coffee.

The Healing Process

Mayura had tried so many diets in the past that adapting to a new pattern of eating was easy for her. Her biggest challenge was detoxing from coffee as she was used to having at least two extra large servings of black coffee each day. Also, her past diets had conditioned her to believe that she needed to starve to lose weight. She was genuinely surprised when she found herself losing weight all the while eating generous portions of delicious food. We added a few basic supplements to fix her deficiencies.

Final Result

Mayura lost a total of 9 kgs and in her own words, the overall journey was fascinating with some ups and down. She says she feels more connected with food and is not scared of weighing machine and its numbers. She isn’t scared of looking at herself in the mirror even though she has more weight to lose, she isn’t scared because she has the confidence that it will go away eventually.

The Road Ahead

For Mayura, the journey was just beginning after many years of failed attempts at losing weight. She is confident she will not stop until she reaches her goal.

Her Opinion about Thrive

The team at Thrive was always there, all the time encouraging, motivating you and even answering my stupid questions without losing patience. They were willing to help me out in a time of need when no one else could, even though many times both would hear the same complaints over and over again. Understanding the mental and physical hurdles you’re going to face during your weight-loss journey can be critical as well. I am thankful that I paid attention to their advice and suggestions- as a result,  I not only lose weight but learned so much more as well.

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