Manish was cured of Autoimmune Hashimotos Disease

I used to feel very lethargic and tired almost all the time. It was so common that I was not even aware it was because of a thyroid dysfunction. I used to blame myself for not achieving my goals/desires. I have learned a lot about my foods through this program. I am feeling much better now. I feel more energetic through out the day.

Key symptoms:

  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Excess weight
  • Severe Brain fog
  • General sense of lack of full energy and vitality
  • Gut issues

Initial Analysis

Our initial analysis showed that Manish was severely deficient in Vitamin D, Magnesium and Omega- 3 fatty acids. He had elevated markers for gout and liver dysfunction. He had come to us for his autoimmune thyroid condition, but he was unaware that he also had insulin resistance and was showing increased markers for prediabetes.

Customized Protocol for Thyroid healing and Insulin resistance

The first priority was correcting Manish’s severe Vitamin D deficiency as that was a big contributor to his brain fog. We then addressed his liver dysfunction with healing foods and put him on a low fat protocol to reverse his insulin resistance. Once he had stabilized with this, we addressed his thyroid dysfunction with a food and supplement protocol.

The Healing Process

Manish started on the protocol with great enthusiasm. He gave up all inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy and sugar without any trouble. He enlisted the co-operation of his wife and she helped him adhere to the protocol with discipline by cooking food as per Thrive’s guidelines. Within a week of starting the protocol, his acidity and gas problem was resolved. In 10 days he started feeling more energetic in the mornings and his lethargy was diminishing. Somewhere mid-protocol he suffered from food poisoning, but because he had strengthened his immune system his body recovered quickly from it without too much downtime.

Final Result

Manish lost not only reversed his autoimmune condition, he reversed his insulin resistance and lost 5 kgs while doing this. He was able to focus longer on his day to day tasks which was difficult for him earlier. This improved his productivity and performance at work. His gut issues had completely disappeared.

The Road Ahead

Manish came to us with the intention of learning about his health, with the intent to fix his thyroid and with the desire  to learn how the environment was impacting his health. The biggest takeway for him was to find that that he had no reason to feel shameful and guilty about his low  energy and fatigue and that there was a real physical reason for this. He was feeling more energetic through the day and could focus better on work. After seeing the effect of food and environment on his body first hand, he’s a believer in this way of living and has no interest in going back his earlier pattern.

His opinion about Thrive

“The team at Thrive has very good knowledge in the field of nutrition. I would say they are subject matter experts. They cover every aspect of your life that affects your health and they help you learn about it”

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