Ashwin lost 16 kgs and regained his youth!

The results were massive! To date, I have lost 16 Kgs and have basically become a food ninja. I have thicker hair. My gray hair has decreased and its started turning black again. My skin has become younger. My joint pains have decreased. I’ve become more flexible. Who knew all this could happen just by eating right!

Key symptoms:

  • Excess weight
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • General sense of lack of full energy and vitality

Initial Analysis

In our analysis, we found out that Ashwin had intestinal parasites, free radical pathology, a heavy metal over load and insulin resistance. He also showed signs of liver  inflammation. His analysis showed zinc deficiency and adrenal dysfunction along with protein deficiency.

Customized Protocol to reduce inflammation

The first step was to take Ashwin off common inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy and sugar and helping his body detox. After the initial detox phase, we added more and more healing foods in his protocol. Ashwin travelled frequently for work, so the biggest challenge for him was to eat healthy through his travel. He was committed to his goal though and even invested a small hot plate and cooker so that he could cook his own food in his hotel room. We took care of his insulin resistance by adding more fruits to his diet and by cutting down all sources of fat. To overcome his deficiencies, we added supplements to his protocol.

The Healing Process

Ashwin was one of our most enthusiastic adapters, he quickly learnt from his failures and made adjustments so that he could stick to the protocol without deviations. He started noticing effects of the diet changes within the first week itself. He was really curious about learning about food and asked a lot of questions. One of his biggest challenges was sticking to the protocol when he was out with friends and not caving in to social pressures, and with his determination he overcame this obstacle too. He learnt how eating food that wasn’t good for his body affected his moods too, while he was learning all this.. his fat was steadily melting away effortlessly.

Final Result

Ashwin lost a total of 16 kgs with Thrive’s protocols and in his own words, ‘turned into a food ninja’. Not only did he understand about the healing power of food and its destructive power when he had bad food habits, he started looking younger, became more flexible and his joint pains just disappeared. Needless to say, his insulin resistance was completely reversed.

The Road Ahead

The results of the protocol were so phenomenal that going back to bad food habits due to peer pressure was a thing of the past for Ashwin. He literally became a food ninja, and started working on his mother’s health with the goal to reverse her diabetes. He started advocating this lifestyle to all his friends and family and he inspired quite a few of them to make a change.

His opinion about Thrive

The team at Thrive is a great big sea of knowledge about food and the amount of effort they put into the program is incredible. They can prescribe food like medicine! My biggest takeway from the program is learning about the healing power of food. It has been the biggest contributor to my health.

Give yourself and your dear ones the gift of perfect health now