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1 in 2 People suffer from some 
Lifestyle disease. Are you one of them?

We have helped hundreds of people heal from lifestyle diseases 
with our scientific functional nutrition coaching, and redefined 
their relationship with food. Are you ready to be next?

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I want to gain freedom from lifestyle diseases

  • Identify root causes and find customised solutions
  • Eliminate need for harmful medications
  • Enhance both, your health span and your life span
Get a specially crafted nutrition and lifestyle coaching plan that reverses chronic diseases such as Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid dysfunction, IBS etc

I want to lose weight and stay fit

  • Get to the root cause of your weight problem
  • Feel younger, with rejuvenated skin and hair
  • Boost your energy and immunity levels
Get a specially crafted nutrition and lifestyle coaching plan that makes you lose weight and be fit for the rest of your life.

How will Thrive-in-3 help you?

Ever since childhood, we are taught that certain health conditions last for a lifetime. Once diagnosed with them, one can’t go back to their former healthy self.

That’s not true at all.

You can heal from any chronic disease using the most powerful medicine on the planet: food.

Before we tell you how, be willing to let go of weight loss myths like:

  • To lose weight, one must eat less and exercise more
  • Heavy workouts are the only way to lose weight
  • Carbohydrates result in weight gain
  • Superfoods and supplements are needed to lose weight
  • Obesity is about willpower, not biology
  • Weight loss diets work for everyone except you

Similarly, you must be willing to let go of the following lies about chronic health conditions:

  • Diseases are hereditary
  • Thin people don’t have lifestyle diseases
  • Lifestyle diseases once diagnosed, are permanent
  • Lifestyle diseases can only be treated with medicines
  • You cannot predict who will get a lifestyle disease
  • If everyone in your family has it, you are bound to get it

Thrive-in-3 will heal your lifestyle diseases and give you a medicine free life.

Yes, this 3-month journey will help cure your chronic ailments.
And the only medicine we will use in this process is nutrition.

Food! Completely natural and healthy!
Most people look at food only as a leisure activity, as a celebration, as way to connect with friends, as fuel to go about our day-to-day activities.
But there’s more to it. A lot more than you could imagine.
It can change your genes!
Every bite you take either upgrades or downgrades your genes.
Every bite you take either results in health or disease.
Every bite you take has the power to optimize dozens of hormones, improve the expression of tens of thousands of your genes, reset your immune system, and balance your gut flora.
Food is one thing all living beings on this planet take every day.
So why not take it the right way?

Thrive-in-3 helps you harness the power of nutrition with ease and directs it towards good health

Our approach is a rare combination of science and nature.

It begins with root cause analysis using your blood tests. A medical evaluation of your current health status.
We, then, offer a unique solution that’s personalized specially for you, and is aimed to bring a noticeable change in your symptoms.
In this period, we provide you real-time coaching and support. With a daily tracker, we ensure you have everything you need to achieve the desired result.
The best part is our journey doesn’t end after 3 months. You become a part of the Thrive tribe. This is a collective that says while each person is in charge of their own wellness, they don’t have to walk the path alone.

Our Success Stories

  • Surashree Rahane

    I was struggling to lose weight, nothing seemed to work. With ThriveFNC I lost weight steadily, and my other issues like back ache and kidney stones disappeared. ThriveFNC helped me select the right food for my body even when I was travelling/ outside and confused. Thanks to them, I learnt that my health is in my own hands.
  • Pratishtha Khan

    I wanted to go beyond weight loss. My experience went miles beyond just health improvement.
        - I had a dramatic weight loss of 12 kgs
        - Reduced Insulin resistance
        - Reduced blood sugar levels
        - Glowing skin and better hair
    I felt that ThriveFNC has a very knowledgeable and extremely responsive team of coaches. They are just a call of message away, which makes it an extremely collaborative process.
  • Preeti Kulkarni

    In 2020, I signed up for my 2nd innings with ThriveFNC. I had already lost 12 kgs with ThriveFNC in early 2018. With my second pregnancy I developed gestational diabetes. ThriveIn3 came to my rescue and my blood sugar levels and A1C levels were in the normal range within 90 days. In fact my Endocrinologist was surprised and asked me to continue whatever I was doing as it was working for me. I also lost 5+ Kgs in the process. I am really grateful to ThriveFNC for their support at every step and helping me through this journey.
  • Amruta Iyer

    I had literally tried every diet there is, conventional medicine had failed me and my body and mind were in complete breakdown mode. I was blown away by the findings I discovered with ThriveFNC. ThriveIn3 helped me melt away 25 kgs in a healthy way. My sleep improved, skin started glowing, pain in joints stopped and all my health markers in blood tests improved. My biggest takeaway is that you can reclaim your health back just by knowing what to eat and more importantly what to avoid.
  • Radhika

    I had a multitude of health issues - disc prolapse and associated back pains, frequent migraines, severe cystic acne on my face, PCOD and associated illnesses. I put all my faith in ThriveFNC so that they could release me from the drama of my never ending sickness and ailments. By the time I completed ThriveIn3, my migraines had completely disappeared, I have no more acne flare ups and my menstrual cycles have regularized to a great extent. Thanks to team Thrive, I can very well say that I have healed not only physically but also mentally, and I am a better person today.
  • Amit Agrawal

    I was suffering from IBS, acid reflux/ acidity and excess weight for nearly 13 years and I joined ThriveFNC with very low expectations as I had tried many other programs before. I was surprised with the results, my IBS was resolved. I got rid of the acidity pills that I was taking for more than 15 years and I lost nearly 20 kgs in the process. My experience with ThriveFNC has been enriching and fulfilling, the team is diligent, systematic and professional with very tight follow-up processes which helped me create permanent changes in my health.
  • Sachin

    When I approached ThriveFNC, I looked fit externally but I had loads of nagging symptoms internally- frequent stomach & intestinal pain, fatigue and lethargy, mood swings, brain fog and a general sense that I was not living at my optimum potential. Within 3 days of starting the program, I experienced a remarkable change- not just weight loss, but reduced abdominal pain and better energy levels. Developing a warrior like mindset towards my health is my biggest takeaway from this program. I must admit before I started I was skeptical if this would work or not but I am surely surprised and glad I did this. It is truly magical when you see your body and mind Thrive.
  • Chinni Krishnan

    When I did my annual check-up all my blood test parameters were out of range so I sought out ThriveFNC to bring them back into optimal ranges. With Thrivein3, all my parameters came back into optimal ranges, my internal health improved and I lost nearly 10 kgs. My biggest takeaway was learning how Food is really medicine. The team at ThriveFNC is really passionate about reversing diseases and improving the lives of people who come to them.

Meet Mugdha Pradhan

Functional nutritionist and founder of Thrive

A master’s degree holder in nutrition, Mugdha herself was struggling with finding solutions when her health took a nosedive. With modern principles of functional medicine and ancient wisdom about food, paired with spirituality, she beat several chronic illnesses and lost 37 kgs. With two decades’ experience in health and wellness, Mugdha has successfully healed many people at ThriveFNC since 2017.

Benefits of Thrive

Reach optimal weight
Reverse your chronic issues
Super-strong immune system
Redefined relationship with food
De-addict from sugar & processed foods
Medicine-free and disease-free life
Look young with glowing skin and hair
Sense of belonging with the Tribe
Save your long-term medical expenses

What do you get in your Thrive-in-3 journey?

Thrive-in-3 prioritizes you over everything!

Your 3-month journey will focus on building a personalized nutrition plan and coaching to enable permanent healing.

The most important part of our program is that we care about you and don’t let go of your case until your health problems are resolved.

Here’s what happens over 3 months

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Here we understand your health history by analyzing your blood tests and listening to you. So that we get to the root cause of your suffering (rather than treating the symptoms). We then help you understand what really is going on in your body with a root cause analysis discussion (usually on a 60- 90 min call).

We understand that each person responds differently to food, so it is important for us to find a solution that works best for you. What we do next is create a personalised that is specific for your body.

We kick-start our real-time WhatsApp support through Thrive coaches and a daily tracker to observe and course correct your eating patterns and behaviour.


You will become highly aware about what is right for your body and will be able to build a positive relationship with healthy foods by replacing inflammatory food from your daily routine. You can expect some weight loss and higher energy levels and improved sleep.
We get deeper into your customised protocols, tweaking your nutrition plans as per your body’s response. We will empower you to take care of yourself by combining holistic methods like meditation, breathing techniques and eating as per your body’s needs. We will also make sure you stay inspired and motivated towards your health goals through our Thrive Tribe community as they share delicious healthy recipes and their own journeys real time.


You will have much better control over your daily routine, enhanced energy levels, better focus and peaceful sleep patterns. You will truly start loving this energised life.
This is a phase where you will fall in love with your regained energy, immunity, focus and a healthy lifestyle. By this stage, you and your body will have achieved goals that you had thought were impossible – whether it’s weight loss or a chronic health issue. You will have better control on your life, and plus you will actually see you tangible results of your choices through a comparison of your pre and post program blood test analysis.

To sustain this new healthy lifestyle, it is essential that you follow the basic principles of self-care that you will have learnt during the Thrive-in-3 program. To ensure that happens, we will provide you a simple 6 month road map and lifetime free membership of Thrive tribe.


You will feel proud to have achieved your health goals and embrace the positive changes in your body. You will have stellar digestion, ideal weight, freedom for inflammation and deep learning about your body and health. You will now have all the tools you need to lead a life that you always desired.

WHY Wait! Get your root cause 
analysis. SEE OUR PLANS

Thrive - in - 3

(* GST and transaction fees extra)
  • 3 month healing journey
  • 5 Star rated Flagship program
  • Pre and Post root cause analysis included
  • Personalized plan and real time response
  • Free Thrive tribe membership

Root Cause Analysis

(* GST and transaction fees extra)
  • 1 time root cause analysis
  • 49 blood chemistry parameters analysed
  • 90 min consultation
  • Get a holistic picture about your internal health
  • Discover untold secrets of your body

Online Consultation

(* Transaction fees extra)
  • In depth discussion about your health history and current health problems
  • Understand probable root causes for your health problems
  • 30 Minute Video Conferencing Call

How Thrive FNC has made the world a healthier place

Individuals healed
Functional blood chemistry analysis done
Kg cumulative weight loss
Healing recipes from the Thrive Tribe
Types of diseases manageable
Blood test parameters analysed for a holistic perspective