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We are currently hiring for the following open positions

 If any of the below roles resonate with you then we’d love to hear from you. Apply now and join one of the most awesome personal health transformation companies on the planet! 

1. Operations Ninja- Pune

Main Responsibilities
– Shadow and support CEO with business operations
– Take care of day to day administrative tasks
– Ensure adherence to delivery timelines for client services
– Coordinate with supplement vendors and pathology labs
– Actively scout for resources (office space, vendor/partners) as and when required
– Coordinate company meetings, workshops and presentations

Skills Required
– Be highly organized and enjoy learning how things work when they pertain to the company as a whole.
– Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and GSuite
– Excellent written and verbal communication
– Spirit and energy to learn and grow daily
– Willingness to learn about your own health and improve it daily

Education: Bachelors in any field

2. Health Coach- Pune

Main Responsibilities
– Work one-on-one with clients and create health goal, plan of action and provide
necessary wellness coaching as per The Thrive Method
– Use The Thrive Method guidelines to develop customized protocols for Thrive’s clients
– Develop customized supplement lists for clients as per Thrive guidelines
– Be present and offer real-time coaching support to clients via WhatsApp, phone and
– Be obsessive about encouraging adoption of habits that are conducive to a higher quality
of life for Thrive’s clients.
– Be obsessive about your own health and improve it daily

Skills Required

– Ability to be empathetic and genuinely care about other people’s needs
– Excellent knowledge in health, nutrition and fitness
– Knowledge of chronic diseases and dysfunctions
– Knowledge of latest trends in health care
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills
– Ability to offer constructive criticism as well as generous praise
– Strong motivational and convincing power
– Ability to counsel clients of all ages, any gender and any social demographic.
– A well organized and pleasing personality with self confidence and a good sense of self
– Willingness to constantly learn about new developments in the field of nutrition

Education: Bachelors or above in the field of Nutrition and Health Sciences.

How to Apply?

Please read the instructions carefully and follow them. If you don’t stick to these guidelines, it doesn’t matter how much of a fit you are, we will not shortlist your resume.

1. Email your resume in .pdf format to [email protected]

2. Tell us why you want to join Thrive and tell us three reasons why you are awesome. (Hint) IF you can make a video to talk about this and upload it to Youtube and email the link to us, its a big plus for you. 


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