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Consent Terms


1. You acknowledge that the nature and purpose of Thrive treatment protocol have been explained to you whenever necessary and you have been given the opportunity to ask questions.

2. You understand that a change of medical condition or medications, can affect the protocol or treatment outlined by Thrive. You recognize the importance notifying Thrive of any changes in your health and you agree to do so immediately.

3. You understand that Thrive does not handle acute health conditions and you will need a Primary Care Physician / Family doctor to attend to any of my medical emergencies while you are on Thrive protocol.

4. You understand the key to healing is your commitment to comply with prescribed dietary changes, supplements, and medications and other treatment recommendations. If you don’t follow the plan with reasonable consistency, your progress will likely be stalled. (Please refer to Thrive terms of engagement for more information on how you can get in the way of your own healing). In such an event you agree and confirm that Thrive may discontinue your treatment and may ask you to unsubscribe from the program. In such an event, you agree that you shall be eligible for refund as per Thrive Refund Policy.

5. You agree and give consent to Thrive to access and share your details mentioned in the form including personal details and medical records, with the team involved in your care and treatment.

6. You understand functional nutrition is a different approach from the existing health care model. You understand it is the obligation of Thrive team to identify difficulty you might be having with behaviors that are interfering with your stated goals and to recommend additional services. You consent to receiving recommendations for additional services that include a range of behavioral and meditation therapies.

7. You hereby release and discharge Thrive from any potential claim, loss, damage etc. (“Loss”) that you may suffer or have against Thrive, as a result of, or occurring out of, or due to any treatment recommended by Thrive under their program in the event you suffer such Loss due to – (i) your non-adherence of the instructions and guidelines recommended by Thrive, or (ii) concealment, whether complete or partial, of any medical condition, history, treatment or allergy(ies) that you may have or are suffering with.

8. Thrive shall not be liable to you for any incidental, indirect, consequential or, special damages. Thrive’s total liability shall not exceed, under any circumstances, the subscription amount paid by you to Thrive.

9. All claims / disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Pune and this choice of location will be determined at Thrive FNC’s sole discretion.

The above mentioned terms and conditions are generally applicable to all services, programs and products offered by Thrive FNC. In case a specific program offered by Thrive includes terms and conditions that are any different from the ones above, then those conditions would supersede the general terms and conditions mentioned on this website.

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