About Thrive

Thrive is an alternative approach to creating holistic health through food and nutrition. What began as a journey of self healing has today evolved into a system that has helped several people overcome their health problems. We have a simple goal; to mentor anyone who is emotionally ready  for  healing and take them on a  journey towards Health.


To lead 1 million people using the Thrive method as the key enabler in their personal health transformation journeys in such a way that they do this with joy and ease. To bring them into a state of health so pure that their life itself becomes a celebration. And to help them learn how to do this permanently and sustainably.



To make good health a sustainable and permanent state of being for all our customers anywhere in the world.

To make this convenient and fun for them and with such stellar customer service that they turn into our raving fans and happy members of the Thrive community, while ensuring our solutions and practices have a positive impact on the environment and do no unnecessary harm to the planet.


1. We continuously aim for higher standards– We are obsessed with setting higher and higher standards for health for everyone in our ecosystem
2. Stellar customer service– We are driven by a fundamental need to turn our customers into raving fans
3. We care about Earth and all living beings– We are deeply empathetic, caring, loving and respectful towards all beings and planet Earth as a whole.
4. We are always hungry to learn- We are hungry for knowledge and are fueled by learning from every success and failure towards deeper learning and growth.
5. We get to the root– We are committed to finding out root causes for anyone’s health problems.
6. We build a “thriving” community – We are focused on building a thriving community by creating mutually profitable interactions and relationships with all customers, employees and vendors.
7. We believe in magick- We are big believers in magick and are in awe of the unbounded healing potential of the human body.
8. We are radically honest– We are extraordinarily honest, authentic and transparent.
9. We celebrate your life!

Mugdha Pradhan

Mugdha Pradhan

Founder & Functional Nutritionist

With a Master’s degree in Nutrition, Mugdha has worked in multiple roles in the health and wellness domain over the last 16 years. She lost a total of 37 kgs by simply working with the power of food. She now works with many, helping them realize their health and happiness, through nutrition.

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