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Our Vision

Our vision is to heal 1 million people in such a way that they do it with joy and ease and their healing inspires healing of the planet as a whole.

Established in 2018, ThriveFNC, Mugdha Pradhan’s brainchild is a revolutionary health and wellness startup that focuses on reversing chronic health conditions and lifestyle diseases through Functional Nutrition using root cause analysis.
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Our Values

Follow Natural Law

We abide by the principles of Natural Law in everything we do

Raise Standards

We are obsessed with setting higher and higher standards for health for everyone in our ecosystem

Offer Stellar Customer Service

We are driven by a fundamental need to turn our customers into raving fans

Care About Earth And All Living Beings

We are deeply empathetic, caring, loving and respectful towards all beings and planet Earth as a whole

Maintain Hunger To Learn

We are hungry for knowledge and are fueled by learning from every success and failure towards deeper learning and growth

Get To The Root

We are committed to finding out root causes for anyone’s health problems

Build A Thriving Community

We are focused on building the The Thrive Tribe, our community that offers us in-built immunity and resilience against any curveballs that this reality throws at any of us.

Believe In Magic

We are big believers in magic and are in awe of the unbounded healing potential of the human body and mind

Stay Radically Honest

We are extraordinarily honest, authentic and transparent and will always remain so

Celebrate Life

In this inverted reality where death is an ever present threat, we celebrate life and the serve the Spirit that bestows life

Meet Mugdha Pradhan

Functional nutritionist and founder of Thrive

A functional nutritionist and a TedX speaker, Mugdha Pradhan is the founder of ThriveFNC. Despite having a Master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition, her own health took a nosedive in 2017. That's when she discovered Functional Medicine. Using modern principles of functional medicine along with ancient wisdom about food, she delved into the root cause of her health issues and recovered from a multitude of health problems.

Meet The Thrive Team

ThriveFNC’s team of highly qualified functional nutritionists help people in reversing a multitude of health dysfunctions through their expertise, science-backed functional nutrition coaching and real-time response.
swatee sandhan
Manager- Nutrition Coaching Vertical
suyash bhandari
Senior Functional Nutritionist
ria jain
Functional Nutritionist
avanti date
Functional Nutritionist
yohan tengra
Chief Learning Officer
pratishtha khan
Head Branding and Marketing
Sachin Yadav
Chief Hacker
namrata jangid
HR and Admin
supriya parmar
Digital Marketing
Executive Director at Fung Strategic Investments
Start-up Mentor and Operations Consultant
Founder and CEO Shopx

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