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  • What Is A Life Free Of Disease Worth To You?

    Imagine a day in your life where from the moment you wake up till you go to bed you are filled with confidence, inspiration and drive
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  • What Is A Life Free Of Disease Worth To You?

    A day where you accomplished everything you wanted to. A day where you didn’t feel fat, ugly, tired, in pain or dull
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  • What Is A Life Free Of Disease Worth To You?

    A day where you look and feel beautiful
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  • What Is A Life Free Of Disease Worth To You?

    Now imagine another day like this and another and another, until your whole life looks like this
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  • What Is A Life Free Of Disease Worth To You?

    What would a life like this be worth to you?
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  • What Is A Life Free Of Disease Worth To You?

    Experience this life with the power of Functional Nutrition
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Why ThriveFNC?

What is Functional Nutrition ?

In Functional Nutrition we zero in on the root cause of your health problems, and resolve it from the root and thereby eliminate the disease. It is an evidence-based, science-backed, holistic wellness approach that considers essential aspects such as your daily habits, blood tests and other health metrics, your environment and then concluding on root causes before giving any nutritional guidance. The revolutionary techniques of functional nutrition feature a customised healing process for every patient.

Would you rather take a pill to suppress your symptoms or would you like to reverse the disease itself?

Conventional medicine focuses on treating a particular disease by suppressing the symptoms rather than addressing or finding the root cause of the disease (for eg metformin for diabetes, BP medicines for high BP, Statins for cholesterol, painkillers for migraine/ pain, antacids for acid reflux, hormone pills for PCOD). These medicines only suppress the symptoms temporarily while permanently causing damage to your internal organs such liver, kidney, heart and brain. You get sicker while pharmaceutical companies get richer. Wouldn’t you rather take control of your own health and fix your diseases with the power of functional nutrition?

How are we different?

ThriveFNC is a revolutionary health and wellness startup that focuses on reversing chronic health conditions and lifestyle diseases through Functional Nutrition using root cause analysis. It is backed by a team of highly qualified functional nutritionists that help people in reversing a multitude of health dysfunctions through their expertise, science-backed functional nutrition coaching and real-time response.

Meet Mugdha Pradhan

Functional nutritionist and founder of Thrive

A functional nutritionist and a TedX speaker, Mugdha Pradhan is the founder of ThriveFNC. Despite having a Master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition, her own health took a nosedive in 2017. That's when she discovered Functional Medicine. Using modern principles of functional medicine along with ancient wisdom about food, she delved into the root cause of her health issues and recovered from a multitude of health problems.

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